Welcome to BaltiBoy.com. This site is dedicated to detailing delicious vegetarian curry recipes specialising in using meat substitutes such as Quorn. Whilst there are plenty of Quorn curry recipes around, there are few that tackle this subject specifically, usually creating home style recipes that lack that special something.

It is also disappointing that restaurants are not using meat substitutes and Quorn, they are definitely missing a trick there. This is why I have created BaltiBoy.com, as a place to list my own experiments with cooking curries using Quorn.

BaltiBoy.com lists excellent quality curries for those that desire a restaurant experience at home. All the recipes on this site have been tried and tested many times and are guaranteed to be delicious. So if you are looking for something a bit more special in your vegetarian curry then BaltiBoy.com is the perfect site for you.

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